Interference is our hit drawing game where you draw, describe and laugh. This is our new take on an old favourite, you've heard of Chinese Whispers and Broken Telephone, Interference lets you enjoy the miscommunication as well as allows you to get creative. Join a chain of players and take turns to draw and describe - but each player can only see the previous step in the game. It won't take long for the original message to get lost in translation and turn into something completely different!

Windows: Download from Microsoft Store
Android: Download from Google Play
iPhone/iPad: Download from App Store
Twitter: @playifx

Logo: Interference

Rogue Drones

Our latest game that's currently in development. In Rogue Drones you'll take control of your own drone, complete with duct-taped stun gun and fly around destroying the enemy invaders threatening your airport. The game has interactive streaming support allowing streamers to let their audience run wild triggering effects in the live game and gently troll them for extra engagement.

Twitter: @roguedrones
Dev streams: Returning soon!

Logo: Rogue Drones

Loose vowels

In Loose Vowels we'll show you a list of puzzles on a specific topic (from "Greatest Authors" to "FIFA Ballon d'Or Winners" and all kinds of things in between). The catch is that we've taken the vowels out and moved the spaces around - all you have to do is work out where they should go! Could you guess that "THHT CHKRSG DTTHGL XY" is "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"?

Windows: Download from Microsoft Store
Android: Download from Google Play
iOS: Download from the App Store
Twitter: @loosevowelsgame

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Enjoy a bit of quizzing? Then join in with Zeitgeist, the interactive quiz on Twitch! It's a live and interactive general knowledge quiz where the rounds are inspired by the week's Interference drawings. You don't need to be an Interference player to join in - everyone's welcome! There's five rounds of five questions each (with a little bit of chat inbetween). You can join in at any point - we have a leaderboard for each round, and an overall leaderboard for the whole quiz.

Twitch: - every Sunday and Thursday at 7pm UK

Logo: Zeitgeist

Interference & Chill

An interactive live drawing show hosted by VanguardFerret, where she plays Interference with stream interactions enabled. Get involved by voting on which items you'd like to see drawn, and help (or hinder!) by modifying the palette or giving extra drawing time. Hilarious moments are guaranteed!

Twitch: - every Wednesday at 7pm UK (Currently on pause whilst VanguardFerret moves house!)

Logo: Interference

Stream Team