Hi there, we are Centrifuge and we make fun things on the web and mobile.

Interference logoAn indie games studio based in Staffordshire, we’re the people behind the hit drawing and describing game Interference – one of the first games in the Windows Store, recently shortlisted for “Best Casual/Social Game”, “Most Original Game” and “Game of the Year” at the TIGA Awards. Start with a description, then let a chain of players take turns to draw and describe – but each player can only see the previous step in the game. It won’t take long for the original message to get lost in translation and turn into something completely different (and hilarious!).

Loose Vowels logoWe’ve also recently launched Loose Vowels on Windows and iOS – a word game where we’ll show you a list of puzzles on a specific topic (from “100 Greatest Books” to “FIFA Ballon d’Or Winners” and all kinds of things in between). The catch is that we’ve taken the vowels out and moved the spaces around – all you have to do is work out where they should go! Could you guess that “THHT CHKRSG DTTHGL XY” is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”?

Whilst we specialise in casual games, we’re starting work on something bigger… but it’s too early to talk about it yet. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest news!

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