Picture by Caketin

Welcome to Centrifuge’s development blog.

Who are we and what do we do? We’re an indie games studio based in Newcastle (in rural Staffordshire – not the one up North!) We make games for the internet and on apps for smartphones.

Our primary game, Interference, has been going a few years now – you can read about its history in the next post. We have recently given up our jobs to work on it full-time – and produce lots of other games too.
Our developer and coder (or Chief Geek as he’s known) is Nathan Beardmore – he’s responsible for the technical side of developing games and other fun things on Windows (10/8/Phone), iOS and Android, such as the award winning game Interference

He formerly set up an award-winning school apps company with a partner (and former student of his) – but has now resigned as director to spend all his time on what started as a hobby – making games!

I am Berni Williams and I am responsible for coming up with game content – especially for our upcoming word games “Loose Vowels” and “Bluffed!”– since I’m an ex-librarian and part-time writer. I am REALLY excited about those. I also do marketing, social media, customer engagement and game moderation as well as applying for awards and anything else that will get our name and games out there!

As I was made redundant in March 2016 I decided it would be a great opportunity to dedicate myself full time to this new company to see if we can make it work. The redundancy money should last 12 months – so let’s see how we get on…